Holly Schneider my daughter


It was February 15th at Cloud 9 in Berkeley. During the band break Holly and I danced..Father/Daughter. The photos were taken by Denise Gonzalez, one of the Bomberas de la Bahia (my daughter’s band mates). She shared them with me.  She passed away May 3rd from a most frightening quick and deadly cancer. Her friends […]

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Closer and Closer

I am getting closer to finishing my book and may post the chapters I won’t be including.   The first few months I spend writing about how I got to the point in my life where the rock and roll took over.  Soon I realized that probably no one cared about me. Fans would care about […]

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Larry King’s Suggestion


In 1976, I was in Miami and a publicist scheduled me to be interviewed by Larry King on his radio show.  Larry interviewed me and we spoke about my rock and roll past, but the most interesting time for me was during the commercial breaks.  We spoke for quite awhile and I asked him, “Larry, […]

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Gered Mankowitz: 50 Years of Rock and Roll Photography


My roommate and tour photographer for the Rolling Stones 1965 Tour has his most recent book published. Gered is one of the nicest guys that I have ever met in a world of not nice guys. Capturing 50 years of rock and roll photography, from the legendary photographer Gered Mankowitz, including iconic portraits of the […]

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